About us

Select Projects is part of the Select Group. It was established in 2004 by our CEO, Bart Gonnissen. After a long-term career as the CFO of one of the largest European HR service providers, he acquired Select Interim that was the origin of the further growth of our group. After successfully expanding our ‘recruitment & selection’ and temp staff activities, we established a secondment office in parallel with Select. It was run in Antwerp under the name Quadrant Engineering Support and was primarily active in the Engineering sector. In the meantime, those activities have been centralised under Select Projects. It is a young and dynamic team that believes personal commitment is very important, both with customers and its staff. Each day, it works ambitiously to further grow Select Projects in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Select Projects is proud to be part of the Select Group

The Select Group acquires companies active in the HR services sector. Starting in 2018, Select has four new partners: Peps Interim, iStorm, Xpertize Luxembourg, and Xpertize Morocco. They reinforce our standing as a specialised HR generalist and our local presence. Select provides a custom solution for every HR issue in your region.
The 200 staff of Select Projects have carried out many technical assignments for quite some time now. Our acquisition of iStorm and Xpertize now allows us to also to provide flexible and specialised support for your IT and HR projects.

Peps International, your partner in specialised technical support

If you’re looking for project support, for dealing with peak periods, or when you need extra technical expertise for short or long-term assignments, then it’s a real partner you want. At Peps International, we take the time to make a thorough inventory of your needs and your project. Our technical experts have mastered and support your company with the same dedication you would get from a permanent employee.

Just like Select Projects we take care of our experts so you can focus on your project. Peps International provides the same support at an international level.

Commitment to Safety

Select Projects acknowledges its responsibility concerning safety and health for people, the environment, and the delivery of high-quality services. By ‘people’, we mean everyone involved in our activities, namely, all of our staff, partners, visitors, and other stakeholders. We believe the safety, psychosocial risks, health, environment, and well-being of everyone are essential preconditions to ensure the continuity and growth of our company.