Project sourcing: ensure your peace of mind

Published on: 10 February 2017
Are you looking for a professional specialist for a temporary project? If so, Project sourcing is an attractive option.

Project sourcing is not the same as temporary work. With project sourcing you do not hire people, but expertise for your company. Although the expertise does arrive as an external consultant and will work at your premises. What if the federal social inspection department pays you a visit (and this happens more frequently now)? Do not run the risk that the project sourcing is qualified as improper. Because this may result in sanctions for your company and reputational damage.

Guarantee your peace of mind by hiring a professional Project sourcing agency. You will be sure of:

a contract that is correctly drawn up – Because a professional agency is perfectly aware of the model clauses presented to the federal social inspection.
the correct implementation of the contract – Because a professional agency knows what is and what isn’t allowed to stay within the scope of a project management assignment.
a single point of contact for all problems, the daily operations, in other words everything with regard to the project – Because legally you are not allowed to have authority over the members of the project team.
But how do you know in advance whether you are dealing with a professional Project sourcing agency? Federgon issues a quality label to agencies that meet all the conditions after an external audit. View the list of certified members here.


Federgon, the professional federation of HR service providers, is a neutral party which defends both the interests of customers and service providing companies and the people they employ (the members of the project teams).