Rail, we work with you on the rail network of the future

After years of limited growth, the rail network has made a comeback. It is expected that this increase in demand will continue even further. While many other sectors have been busy for some time now with efficiency and reducing costs using technological developments, it seems that the Rail industry will also embrace the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and Big Data more than ever before.

Select Projects is happy to support its customers in this sector to reach their ambitions!

Experts in Engineering, Commissioning and Maintenance

Select Projects has an international team of staff specialised in the following domains:

  • Engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance

Select Projects Academy in Rail

We engage individual professionals or complete project teams in a flexible or full-time basis both for the short-term and long-term. Our Select Projects Academy ensures we continuously develop our people’s knowledge and expertise while allowing for the project needs of our customers. We provide both individual and collective training, which leads to knowledge sharing in our company.

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