Recruiters at Select Projects? They speak the same language

Published on: 6 March 2018
Not only Dutch or Belgian candidates can find a new project with the help of Select Projects. In the last week alone, we’ve welcomed 5 new experts to our pool of consultants, all from different backgrounds and nationalities. We asked project manager Olympia why she values Select Projects?

Olympia has found Select Projects via LinkedIn: ‘I was looking for a new project really urgently so I was very happy to have gotten such a quick response from the recruiter at Select Projects. He gave me some additional information about the job and booked an interview with the team of Select Projects. Within one month the whole process was finished and I could start with my project. That’s why I think Select Projects works very professionally. Other recruiters take very long to answer you, Select Projects doesn’t waste any time.


Select Projects not only makes the difference in regards to speed, they also take the time to really get to know their experts. ‘Most recruiters don’t know the business, they come from another background. That’s not the case with Select Projects. Their recruiters come from the same background, they speak the same language and know exactly what they’re doing. The consultants of Select Projects asked me a lot of questions during our first meeting. He really took the time to get to know me first.


As a foreigner or expat, it is hard to get into a job market outside your own country. Olympia found this very easy thanks to Select Projects: ‘It all went very smoothly and quick. Select Projects knows the market and it is nice to see that they also take care of international profiles like mine. It’s not always easy to find a job you like in a new country. Select supported me very good.’ The only negative opinion about Select Projects: ‘they should be more visible. The work they do is really great so more people deserve to know about Select Projects. Other companies are well known but are only half as good as Select Projects.’