Select and Select Projects become partners of

Published on: 25 January 2019
Select has been a member of since January. With this membership, we want to support the development of the Life Sciences sector even more, from both the HR field with specific advice and support for young start-ups and from Select Projects by sharing our technical knowledge. We will be at the Knowledge For Growth event in Ghent on 9 May, where we will be sharing our expertise. is a dynamic membership organisation within the Life Sciences sector and currently has 350 members from Belgium and abroad. They organise networking events and training courses, support internationalisation, and offer their members different services and expertise. Select has also been a member since 2019 and will share our recruitment and HR knowledge with other members in order to make the Life Sciences sector grow even more in Flanders. Because of the sector, it goes without saying that we also participate in this partnership as Select Projects. After all, our project staff are fonts of technical knowledge.

“The innovative nature of biotech makes it an ideal environment for start-ups. Young professionals in the Life Sciences sector don’t let anything or anyone stop them from realising their dreams. But to achieve such a goal, more than one genius is needed. As start-ups grow, the search for new talent becomes inevitable and a multitude of HR questions arise. Select supports these start-up companies with advice and recruitment. Our partnership with is the logical next step in supporting the Life Sciences sector with these HR questions. To ensure that biotech and other technical industries not only grow in numbers, but also in humanity, Select puts people first and thus strengthens an innovative industry while keeping the focus on real people.”
- Bart Gonnissen, CEO Select

“In recent years, has progressed from a pioneering role to a key figure in the Life Sciences sector. Our new partners, including Select, will each contribute their specific expertise based on their varied backgrounds. In this way, can support its members even better throughout the different phases of their evolution: from start-up to scale-up and beyond. This is why our strategic partners are essential to the development of our long-term vision to further strengthen the Life Sciences sector in Flanders.”
- Pascale Angels, Co-General Manager of

Other strategic partners of are CMAST, Flanders Investment & Trade, Gimv, IQVIA, Janssen Pharmaceutica, KBC Securities, PwC, QbD, Select, VIB, and Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship.