Select Projects Academy Day

Published on: 3 May 2019

The first Select Projects Academy Day of 2019 was held last Thursday. Approximately 100 employees gathered together at a very special location, i.e. the Royal Antwerp Football Club’s Bosuil Stadium. Our employees could choose from seven different courses in hard and soft skills: from Excel to communication.

Select Projects is expanding continuously and it just wasn’t possible to hold our Academy Day at our headquarters anymore. We needed more space and, thanks to our partnership with RAFC, we were able to find that extra space in the Bosuil Stadium.

After a warm welcome and a delicious lunch, the large group was divided into seven groups that followed various training sessions. This edition included Excel, Outlook, and OneNote, as well as ATEX & machine safety, writing procedures, giving feedback, and communication.

“We want these training days to take our employees to a higher level”, says director Charlot Van Ussel. “We map out a personalised training programme for everyone, but they often follow these courses individually. An Academy Day also gives everyone the chance to see each other again, in addition to the professional part. Plus, everyone learns from each other and shares knowledge. That makes it even more interesting.”

Our employees were already enthusiastic about this edition:

“What else can I learn about Outlook? I thought I knew everything pretty well. But the training was very surprising; I learned a whole new method on how to deal with Outlook and how to use it.” (Annebel)

“It was my first Academy Day experience and I was completely open to it. I learned a lot about the SOPs and WIs during the ‘Writing procedures’ course and also got acquainted with some new people.” (Lisa)

“The location was wonderful, of course; this made it a very special edition of the Academy Day.” (Sarah)

“Very enjoyable. It immediately creates a different, more relaxed atmosphere by holding the training event at a location that is actually intended for leisure/entertainment instead of the standard office spaces.” (Jan)