Ben (Project Engineer)

I’ve been working for Select Projects since November 2015 and, in March 2018, after completing an engineering project at a customer in Geel, I joined a multifunctional Select Projects project team at a pharmaceutical company in Beerse. There is a great ambience in our team, which means that we achieve good results at work and also organise other activities, like a Friday treat or a Christmas challenge, which all helps to boost the team spirit.

Select Projects also runs a system of mentors, to help new employees on their first day and during their first few months with a customer, and I’m involved in this as well.

In fact, Select Projects can be summed up in a single word: honest. They pay a competitive wage and you have a say in where you’d like to work. For example, this meant I was able to work closer to home and on an interesting project, having told them what I was looking for. I was given more independence and more responsibility, both of which were missing in previous projects. That’s also the great advantage of project work: the variety and opportunity to work for different customers. I can gain experience in many places and enjoy a regular change of scene.

Another benefit of Select Projects is the fact that you can acquire and share knowledge. During quarterly meetings, we can share our experiences with others or sign up for some training from the range on offer. You can learn from colleagues about how things are at other customers, which is certainly a bonus at Select Projects. It’s also fun to see how the company itself is growing, by expanding to different sectors and with its efforts to train and professionalise its employees. Select Projects is ambitious, but still retains its unique characteristic: its human and personal nature.

Publicatie datum: 20 November 2018