Sonja (Technical administration)

Select Projects is a really transparent company. If I have any questions, I know who to ask and they’re sure to listen. When I realised that my project was coming to an end, I proposed something else myself. Charlot valued my suggestion and I’m now exactly where I wanted to be, surrounded by wonderful colleagues.

I used to be afraid of trying new things but, once you brave the challenge, you discover all the benefits of project work. I’ve learned so much in these past few years and I’m still learning. Now that I’m over 50, you might think I wouldn’t want to change jobs so much, but that just isn’t true. I love meeting new people. My circle of friends keeps on growing with every new project and, despite the fact we’re spread across different projects, we often get together. The quarterly meetings and other fun events for everyone working at Select Projects are a real bonus.

At Select Projects, they really appreciate my input and I know they listen to me. Regardless of whether we’re discussing a project or what to eat at the next staff party.

Publicatie datum: 30 November 2018